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A Pat on the Back for Phil

philjason loves booksIt’s no secret that one of my favorite reviewing homes is the Washington Independent Review of Books. As 2014 closed, the staff members at WIROB pooled their reactions to the year’s work and selected mine among their favored dozen. Certainly I love what I do, but it’s especially uplifting when others who do similar work give you the thumbs up! On top of that, I was happy I’d decided to use an unconventional approach and that others (1) accepted it for publication and (2) honored it by inclusion on this list. Better yet, it capped off (for now) a career based in large part on writing about Anais Nin. My first piece on her work appeared in 1971! That is a long, long time ago. So now I’m patting my own back.


12 of Our Favorite ReviewsTop12

posted December 30, 2014

We published too many terrific reviews this year to count, but some have stuck with us more than others. Here, in no particular order, are a dozen of our faves from 2014. [click on the link below]

12 of Our Favorite Reviews | Washington Independent Review of Books

Enjoy all 12 reviews and please explore the range and depth of this amazing web site. You can find a truncated version of my Mirages review and other Nin materials by clicking the Anais Nin link under “Topics” on the right-hand menu.


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