“And So Is the Bus: Jerusalem Stories,” by Yossel Birstein

Margaret Birstein, Hana Infar, and Robert Manaster, trans.

Dryad Press. 144 pages. Trade paperback $15.95.  

Yossel Birstein

Yossel Birstein

Glancing at these twenty-one vignettes by a renowned Israeli storyteller, one might be tempted to call Yossel Birstein a minimalist. However, that appellation might suggest that Birstein pared his compact prose gems down from larger constructions. More likely, he simply knew when enough was enough. How long is a bus ride? How long is the stretch between stops? How much human interaction can occur? How much be remembered and related? How much does a reader need? Birstein’s sharp, laconic focus fraught with well-chosen details, wit, brief ruminations, and lingering questions produces tiny masterpieces of cultural insight and human yearning. . . .

The full review can be found on the Jewish Book Council website: And So Is the Bus: Jerusalem Stories by Yossel Birstein

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