“Hidden Inheritance: Family Secrets, Memories, and Faith,” by Heidi B. Neumark

Abingdon Press. 240 Pages. Trade paperback $19.99.

Heidi B. Neumark is a Lutheran pastor, community activist, and author who has served congregations in the Bronx and in Manhattan. She is also, as she discovered by chance, the grandchild of Jewish grandparents and the child of a father who never spoke to her or anyone else about their family’s Jewish roots.

Heidi B. Neumark

Heidi B. Neumark

Pastor Neumark, with her spiritual and intellectual propensities, might be Rabbi Neumark today if not for her grandparents’ decision, a decision no doubt made to insure their own and their children’s survival along with countless other Jews who felt forced to deny their Jewish identity, converted to one or another Christian faith, and cut off lines of Jewish descendants for all time. Yet in spite of this attempt, many Neumarks were Holocaust victims. When Neumark’s twenty-two-year-old daughter called with news that her search for Neumark family history turned up information on the influential Jewish Neumarks of Lübeck, Germany, Heidi Neumark’s world changed. . . .

To read the entire review, as found on the Jewish Book Council web site, click here: Hidden Inheritance: Family Secrets Memories and Faith by Heidi B. Neumark | Je

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