Phil’s Summer Reading 2015

Here is my first annual Summer Reading List. Reviews of the first twelve titles have already appeared on Phil Jason Reviews Books (and elsewhere before that posting). For the other seven, the reviews are written, but not yet published because (in several cases) the books are not yet available. Come back later (and often) to find those reviews. You can put key words in the search box to bring of titles that don’t appear on the menu bar.

Randy Wayne White, Cuba Straits

Tami Hoag, Cold Cold Heart

Patricia Gussin, After the Fall

Michael Lister, Innocent Blood

Kim Michele Richardson, Liar’s Bench

Robert Levy, The Glittering World

Kinley Roby, An Anecdotal Death

Joseph Kanon, Leaving Berlin

Jonathan Papernick, The Book of Stone

Adam Mitzner, Losing Faith

Arleen Alleman, A Current Deception

Kate Angell, No One Like You


*Jonathon King, Don’t Lose Her  [book out, review forthcoming]

*Mike Hirsh, Fly Unzipped  [book out, review forthcoming]

*Helaine Mario, The Lost Concerto [book and review forthcoming]

*Paul Levine, Bum Rap [book and review forthcoming]

*Alex Kava, Silent Creed [book and review forthcoming]

*Lucy Burdette, Fatal Reservations [book and review forthcoming]

*Amy Hill Hearth, Miss Dreamsville and the Lost Heiress of Collier County [book and review forthcoming]


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