The Glittering World

The Glittering World, by Robert Levy. Gallery. 352 pages. Hardcover $26.00.

  • Hauntingly inventive, this debut page-turner of a novel is as creative as it is creepy.
Gorgeously frightening, astonishingly creative, and ready to be a cult classic, Robert Levy’s debut novel,The Glittering World, creates a world so complete that it seems only too real. Or is that world the natural one and the world we know the distortion? Certainly on a psychological level, it is shockingly real. Four characters set out on what seems to be a simple and practical mission, but end up in a world of torment, discovery, and heightened awareness.
We meet Michael “Blue” Whitley, an aspiring New York chef, as he travels to Nova Scotia to sell his grandmother Flora’s home. Blue’s mother, who ripped him away from their Starling Cove community — a hippie artist/outcast commune — when he was 5, had asked him not to visit the place, but just to get the documents signed in Halifax. The money from the sale can help Blue pay off his mounting debts and perhaps enable his dream of being chef-owner of a successful restaurant.
Blue is drawn to seeing his almost forgotten birthplace, however, and what he finds is a shattering surprise not only to himself, but also his three traveling  companions. It is life-changing and threatening, as it reveals his true identity. . . .
You can click on the following link to enjoy the full, comprehensive review: The Glittering World | Washington Independent Review of Books

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  1. Mr. Jason,

    Thank you so much for this incredibly kind and thoughtful review– needless to say, it made my day (and possibly my year)! Greatly appreciated, and very rewarding to find my book so deeply understood.

    All best,

    Robert Levy

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