Merrill Leffler’s “Mark the Music”

MarkMusicMerrillI have had the rare privilege of watching a poetic journey for about 45 years. A long, long time ago I had occasion to review an earlier book by Mr. Leffler in Poet Lore (which I edited at the time). It was a joy to read and review that book (Partly Pandemonium, Partly Love), and it is no less of a joy to review this new collection. I only wish that I’d had more room for the new review, including the opportunity to provide examples.

I’ll allow others to do that work: Merrill Leffler to mentor Takoma’s poetic voice – Voice

And here is comment on a less known dimension of his multi-faceted work with words: Leffler the man of science: Chesapeake Quarterly Volume 3, Number 1: Leffler Takes His Leave

And here is a bit of what I’d like to share about his achievement: Mark the Music | Poems by Merrill Leffler | Jewish Book Council

Now, go get the book and enjoy.

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