Local writer’s Garage Sale Mystery filmed for Hallmark Movie Channel

NOTE: The information given below has changed. The initial broadcast of the film will be on Saturday, September 14. It will be on the more prestigious Hallmark Channel rather than the Hallmark Movie Channel.  See http://www.hallmarkchannel.com/garagesalemystery.

Also, Weinert’s follow-up novel, Garage Sale Diamonds, is now available.

In March 2011, I offered a review of Neapolitan Suzi Weinert’s first novel, “Garage Sale Stalker,” and also reported on the roles of the Naples Press Club Authors & Books Festival, Jeff Schlesinger of Barringer Publishing and editor-agent Carole Greene in the development and eventual publication of that book. In January 2012, we reported on the contract for a television movie based on the book to be developed by producer Jonathan Axelrod for the Hallmark Movie Channel.

Now we can report that the screenplay written by Walter Klenhard has been filmed and the movie will premiere at 8 p.m. Saturday, Aug. 24.

Loughlin, Weinert, Axelrod

Loughlin, Weinert, Axelrod

The movie was shot in Vancouver in April and early May.

“By filming time,” says the author, “my contribution to the production (the source novel) was long in the background. The TV movie now reflected the screenplay, the new bible on which the producer, director (Peter DeLuise, son of actor Dom DeLuise), the actors and crew concentrated,” she adds. . . .

See the entire review, as it appears in the May 30, 2013 Naples Florida Weekly, by clicking on this link: Florida Weekly — Garage Sale Mystery Movie. Here is a pdf from the June 5 Fort Myers edition:Florida Weekly – Garage_Sale_Movie

Below is some additional material that did not get into FW:

The members of the film’s creative team were happy to comment on the experience. Jonathan Axelrod related the genesis of his discovery: “My wife, Katy Garretson, knew I was looking for a mystery. She told me her best friend’s mother had written one. She nagged me until I read it, and afterwards I kissed my wife and knew she had found gold!” The producer “loved having Suzi in Vancouver. She enchanted everyone on the set. It was truly wonderful to see the author watch her characters come to life.”

 Director Peter DeLuise liked the challenge of “telling a story about a fully realized, 3-dimensional, strong female character with realistic family and friend relationships who is so observant and clever that she manages to solve a murder mystery.” He considered meeting that challenge “the highpoint of the project. It made me want to see this character solve a series of these mysteries, where we would get to enjoy her character again and again.”  [italics mine]

 The female lead, Lori Loughlin, “liked the fact that in addition to being a mystery, you got to know my character on many levels. I loved that the whole family was introduced and we got to experience Jennifer Shannon as a wife, mother and working woman as well as someone who is keenly observant and quite involved in trying to solve the mystery behind a rash of neighborhood burglaries as well as a murder.  And even though a murder has taken place, the movie is not dark. The piece has some nice comedic moments and the different relationships between the characters are fun.  It also appealed to me because this is a movie my mother would love and a movie that the whole family can watch.”  

 Ms. Loughlin adds, “It was a pleasure to meet Suzi and hang out with her on set while she was in Vancouver.  Suzi is very charming and was extremely excited to see her novel come to life on screen.  I was thrilled to be a part of that moment.”


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5 responses to “Local writer’s Garage Sale Mystery filmed for Hallmark Movie Channel

  1. Sandy Reed

    Nice, Phil! I’m glad you wrote about her again!

  2. Donna Fiala

    I’ve read the book and it was great. I’ve cut every item out of the paper and copied anything on-line, so I can hardly wait to see the finished product!
    Donna Fiala

  3. Shirley Bishop

    I just heard about the books and the movie and am so very interested. Thank you

  4. Judy

    Loved Garage Sale Mystery! Cannot say enough good about it! Can’t wait for it come on again. This is one of the best shows on television. Thank you Hallmark Channel.

  5. Virginia McGrady

    I loved this movie also loved the coat Lori was wearing in the movie. Would like to know where I could buy one.

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