LuAnn McLane – New Girl in Town

 LuAnn McLane’s latest novel, Pitch Perfect, continues the celebration of a small Southern town that is at the heart of her “Cricket Creek” series. This Kentucky community is a place where people are genuinely friendly, hospitable to strangers, and unusually optimistic. The people who live there are very much aware of their good fortune, and the spirit of the place is an attraction to others. Though Cricket Creek, like countless American communities, had fallen on economic hard times, it has been finding its way back. 


Cricket Creek is where Mia Monroe’s clunker car gives out one day, as she travels from Chicago to some unknown destination: this is a young woman in search of herself. Raised in luxury by a somewhat distant father who has made himself into a highly successful businessman, Mia has felt estranged from him, in part because he has never given her the face time that she has needs, but particularly because she believes he has taken advantage of an old friend’s business difficulties.

In her mid-twenties, Mia is not really grown up. She has been handed a life that has sheltered her from reality and led her to take her material good fortune for granted. Because little has been expected of her, she has not had the opportunities to take chances and learn from her mistakes. She hasn’t really ever held down a job. She knows almost nothing about adult responsibilities.

The good thing is that she recognizes these shortcomings. Breaking away from her father is a blessing in disguise as it leads her to understand what independence means. It’s also a blessing in that it leads her to Cricket Creek. She needs to prove herself, and here people are willing to give her a chance.

With no resumé but her personal charm and openness, Mia is offered a job waitressing – one that comes with a place to stay. The man who runs the car repair business treats her with sympathy and respect. For a long while, Mia continues to believe that Cricket Creek is a place she is just passing through, but that perspective slowly changes.

Well, this is a romance novel after all and right from the beginning Mia runs into a dazzling hunk named Cameron, a struggling less-than-minor-league baseball player whose dirt-poor beginnings lead him to mistrust and shun the wealthy. Cam has been offered his last chance to get back to the minors and then perhaps to the majors if he can keep out of trouble. His “wild ways” have been a problem so far. The Cricket Creek Cougars are his last hope.

In trying to make it on her own, Mia has hidden her true family name. Given Cam’s prejudices against the rich, hiding her background becomes even more important as their guarded romance heats up. Suspense builds as readers hope for a sturdy relationship taking hold before the truth comes out and blows everything to pieces. . . .

To see the entire review as it appears in the September-October 2012 issue of Fort Myers Magazine, plus intriguing information on LuAnn, click here: Ft.Myers magazine – LuAnn McLane

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  1. Thanks for the fun article and review! What a nice way to be introduced into the literary community.

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