David Baldacci and Dorothea Benton Frank reviews at Citybookreview.com

My latest reviews for citybookreview.com include a totally satisfying mainstream contemporary by bestselling belle of Southern writers Dorothea Benton Frank: 

“By alternating narrators in a rich mother/daughter counterpoint of attitude and need, Ms. Frank provides a novel of pride, passion, and purpose. Annie Britt’s husband, Buster, had walked out on her eleven years ago, crushed by her overbearing domestic management. Their home was her castle, but not his. Never divorced, they have had little communication over the years. Approaching sixty, Annie is lonely. Her stubborn need to be needed is raging. 

Her daughter, Jackie McMullen, has just tragically lost her firefighter husband. She and her ten year old son, Charlie, are struggling through a very rocky period of mourning. Mid-thirtyish Jackie, who has had three tours of duty in Afghanistan as an Army nurse, cannot begin to imagine her future. . . . ”

To see the full review, click here: Porch Lights | City Book Review

. . . and a gripping thriller my master suspense-builder David Baldacci:

“This latest thriller by a king of the genre is as gripping and fast-paced as they come. The action, including several abrupt changes of direction, is furiously fast. The characterizations are vivid and intriguing. In Will Robie, a stone-cold government assassin, David Baldacci fashions a protagonist who leaves readers hungry for more.

When Robie , a master of his trade, is unwilling to fulfill a suspicious assignment, he realizes that he is being targeted and manipulated by people who should be on his side. . . .”

For the rest of this review, click here: The Innocent | City Book Review

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  1. Reminds me of the Luc Besson film Léon: The Professional with a very young Natalie Portman.

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