Sanibel Island Writers Conference

I’m happy to send along this message from Tom DeMarchi, Director of this fine conference. As usual, he has put together a first-rate group of presenters. Susan Orlean, pictured below, is the keynote speaker.

Hi there,

Registration for this year’s Sanibel Island Writers Conference is now open!

To see the program, click on:

Take advantage of the early bird special.

Note the new small group manuscript workshop option.

If you’re presenting, please be sure to list Sanibel as one of your
upcoming appearances on your website.

If you’re attending (or just want to help spread the word), include us
in your latest blog update.

You can also tell your friends & enemies, your students & families,
your writing groups & workout partners.  Post it on your Facebook and
Twitter and Tumblr accounts.  I won’t mind at all if you namedrop the
conference in interviews or casual conversation.


Tom DeMarchi

PS:  You’re receiving this message for one of the following reasons:

1)  You’re a presenter at this year’s Sanibel Island Writers Conference.

2)  You’ve attended the conference in the past.

3)  You’ve asked to be added to our mailing list.

Tell me if I should remove your name from this mailing list.

Tom DeMarchi
Director–Sanibel Island Writers Conference
Department of Language & Literature
Florida Gulf Coast University

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