Kinley Roby’s Other Naples

When retired English professor Kinley Roby and his wife, gothic romance author Mary Linn Roby, were living at the St. Pierre in Pelican Bay, few knew that Mr. Roby was storing up local landscapes and local color for a series of mystery novels. Thirteen years in Naples, beginning in 1994, gave him a lot of images to transform imaginatively. He began working on what became his first novel in 2001, publishing “Death in a Hammock” two years later.  Kinley R by Nick Shirghio

Since then, Mr. Roby’s Harry Brock Mysteries have gained a loyal readership and critical acclaim.

“Death’s Other Kingdom,” the fifth and latest in the series, should please Harry Brock followers and win Mr. Roby new fans. It tells a fascinating story of human trafficking as well as subsidiary stories of abiding friendships and chaotic family dynamics. The characters are superbly drawn, and Mr. Roby’s version of the Naples area is not one we are used to associating with this opulent town.

To read the full article as it appears in the September 24-30, 2009 issue of Naples Florida Weekly, click here:  Florida Weekly – Kinley Roby

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