Naples Author Pitches Baseball History

“Everything good happens to me on July 5,” says Dorothy Jane Mills.

Indeed, she was born that day in 1928. She moved into her much loved home in The Carlisle, a retirement community in Naples, that day in 2007. And on July 5 this year, Mrs. Mills was credited in The New York Times with furthering a much-publicized FBI investigation into the theft and fraudulent auctioning of rare baseball documents.

A few weeks before the Times article was published, Mrs. Mills had received a phone call from an FBI agent asking her a question that probably no one else could have answered. The agent needed to know if a certain letter had been part of the New York Public Library’s Spalding Collection, a repository of early baseball history.

To see the rest of this article, as it appeared in August 27-September 2 (2009) issue of the Naples Florida Weekly, click  Florida Weekly – Dorothy Jane Mills

Catch up with this fascinating writer at

Here is the cover of her forthcoming book, mentioned in the article:




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