Ball Cap Secrets Revealed

Ball Cap Nation, by James Lilliefors. Clerisy Press. 218 pages. $15.95

Naples knows Jim Lilliefors for his excellent magazine and newspaper work, and also for his fine writing in Philharmonic Center for the Arts publications. His books include a novel, Bananaville, and two earlier forays into popular culture: Highway 50 and America’s Boardwalks.  Ball Cap

Ball Cap Nation addresses the material and cultural history of the baseball cap in a breezy, sometimes self-deprecating tone. Lilliefors seems to insist that his “Journey through the World of America’s National Hat” is not to be taken very seriously. However, this strategy allows him to sneak in plenty of solid information about this omnipresent head-topper.


To see the entire review as it appears in the Naples Florida Weekly for July 16-22, 2009 click here:Florida Weekly – James Lilliefors. For pdf version, click here:Ball Cap Nation PDF

For more on James Lilliefors, see James Lilliefors profile and review.

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