Sara Williams’ Hawaiian Itch

OneBigItch-CoverSara Williams, who spends a good part of each year in Fort Myers, has mixed a high-energy mystery cocktail laced with more than a little Hawaiian punch. One Big Itch, Williams’ third novel and the second to feature private eye John Spyer, intrigues and puzzles both protagonist and reader with an array of evidence, motives, and false trails. There are two sure things:  the first is that academic superstar Randy Haverhill has been murdered. The second is that his childhood friend, Spyer, will not rest until he discovers the perpetrator. Then there is a third, less sure, thing: that Hawaii is haunted, and its local spirits will spin you around until they have brought what is hidden to light.


To read the complete review, as it appears in the July-August issue of Fort Myers Magazine, click here: Ft.Myers magazine – Sara Williams

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