Ben Bova – The Future Is Now

Science fiction master Ben Bova is a man of many distinctions. He is the author of over 115 titles, both “what if” novels and nonfiction books. These include his well-regarded “Grand Tour” series – including such works as Titan, Moonrise, and Mars – which explore the ways in which humans might populate the solar system and the consequences of their expansive enterprise. Mixing adventure, romance, and scientific veracity, Bova’s works insist that readers learn something even while they are enormously entertained.

A recent thriller, The Green Trap, shows Bova’s versatility. A murdered greentrapscientist had been working on bacteriological processes that convert water to its component elements, allowing for the possibility of mass-produced hydrogen fuel. . . .

To see the entire article as it appears in the Jan-Feb 2009 issue of Ft. Myers Magazine, click on the link Ft.Myers magazine – Ben Bova

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