Publish Locally, Think Globally

Cape Coral Publisher Serves New Voices

by Philip K. Jason

FOUNDED IN 2003 as a project of Gelinas and Wolf, Inc., a Las Vegas marketing services company, ArcheBooks Publishing was spun off as a separate company a year later. While its corporate headquarters remains in Nevada, the editorial office – Bob Gelinas’s prime responsibility – moved with Gelinas to Cape Coral. In its relatively short life, this innovative trade publishing house has had steady productivity in a difficult marketplace. From seven titles in 2003 to twenty-three in 2004 to twenty in 2005 to eighteen in 2006 to thirteen in 2007 to about the same number published or forthcoming in 2008. That early pace was probably unsustainable, but it helped to get ArcheBooks the early recognition that a start-up company must have. It won’t be long until ArcheBooks reaches its 100th title.

To see this article in its entirety, as published in the November-December 2008 issue of Ft. Myers Magazine, click here:  Ft.Myers magazine – ArcheBooks

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