BOOK BEAT 21 – L.C. Goldman

BOOK BEAT   Naples Sun Times   December 6-12, 2006

by Philip K. Jason

L. C. Goldman is making a huge hit with his new novel, aptly titled A Big Hit in Pelican Bay. Real estate brokers are already buying them up for their agents and clients. The novel has great story hooks to get readers turning the pages. But Goldman’s own story is plenty interesting, too. 

Brooklyn-born Louis C. Goldman, who recently turned seventy-nine, was a standout athlete at Brooklyn’s Erasmus High and at Arizona State University. At ASU, he was the first freshman to play quarterback for the varsity team. He had a Hollywood screen test with Warner Brothers in 1946, played in summer stock in Monroe, New York, and was the lead singer and the drummer in a three-piece jazz group.

Lou came from a show business background. His father played with the Paul Whiteman band, making the vaudeville circuit with George Burns, Jimmy Durante, Eddie Cantor, and George Raft.

However, Goldman’s eventual career was not in show business but in the advertising game. For forty years, he worked with such clients as Joseph E. Seagram, Ralph Lauren, Perrier Jouet Champagne, Yves St. Laurent, Schenley Distillers, Armitron Watches, and other top brands. It was in advertising that Goldman learned the art of the hook – how to grab someone’s attention immediately. His writing style is influenced by advertising techniques. Goldman’s dialogue often includes sentences that have a “kicker” at the end. It is also a spare style with nothing wasted.

After retirement, Goldman decided to leave his home in Manhattan – and a second home in Easthampton – behind. He checked out his college town and Florida’s east coast, but in 1991 he settled in Naples. Like so many others, he found it paradise and he’s been here ever since. Goldman has been busy with golf, the Men’s Forum at Pelican Bay, and several organizations including Planned Parenthood. L. C. Goldman has also been busy writing novels.

The first, And the Peace Came Tumbling Down, is a story of terrorism in the Middle East.  Published in 2002, it seems uncannily up to date.

Published by Airleaf, Goldman’s new novel, A Big Hit in Pelican Bay, revolves around a major Chicago crime family soldier who turns informer. Housed in Pelican Bay by the Federal Witness Protection Program, he is pursued by an assassination team from Chicago who have a million dollar contract to eliminate him. This successful man and woman team have already bumped off five federal witnesses in Chicago. An old, warn-out Chicago detective is set on the trail of the assassination team, and he discovers that they may have a contract on the witness hiding out in Pelican Bay. Naturally, he must come to Pelican Bay to pursue these open cases.  Readers will be challenged to anticipate the outcome, and they’ll have a great time along the way.

Goldman has used his well-honed promotional skills to set up signings at a wide variety of venues. You can find him at SunTrust Bank in Pelican Bay on December 8 from 1-3pm, at the Pavilion Publix on December 9 from 3-7pm, and at The Phil on December 14 from 11:30am to 1:30pm. (Why not? He has a scene set there.) The local media have become fascinated with this book, and so a lot of ink has and will be spilled bringing it to readers’ attention. Indeed, over 200 books were sold at the launch event at Barnes and Noble last month. It’s hot. Find out why.

Philip K. Jason, Ph.D., is Professor Emeritus of English from the United States Naval Academy.  A poet, critic, and free-lance writer with twenty books to his credit, this “Dr. Phil” chairs the annual Naples Writers’ Conference presented by the Naples Press Club. Send him your book news at

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